Costly own office? Matter of the past!

Sharing economy, coworking, pay as you go, digitalization - naming varies, but benefits are clear. Bosshard & Cie Trust Office offers the modern office solution for your business in Zürich and Zug.

Get your prestigious business address with unlimited post forwarding for only CHF 100.- per month!

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Registered Company Address

Simple as A B&C™ - our monthly fee is only CHF 100.-

Legal Address (for your company)

Prestigious business address (8001 Zürich or 6300 Zug) that serves well for image-conscious entrepreneurs and can be used for registration with the commercial register office. Avoid using your private address and enhance your privacy. All without the headaches of a long-term lease.

Meeting Rooms (when needed)

Fully furnished and equipped conference spaces, all amenities for team or client meetings. Flexibility of using on an hourly basis as often as needed.

* subject to availability

Easy ordering (easy canceling too)

We provide full flexibility, a streamlined ordering process, and 30-days money-back guarantee. Your minimum commitment is just three months. Our pricing is simple, and there are no hidden fees or deposits.

Full assistance (if asked for)

From setting up Phone Line or Post Processing to changing Company Seat or registering New Company. Our professional team will happily assist you with all these matters.

How It Works

1. Offer

Just contact us for a non-binding offer.

You can find all our prices and services neatly summarized here. However, each business is unique. If our standard service package does not fit you, please get in touch. We welcome your questions and requests. As promptly as possible, you will receive your tailored, non-binding offer.

We are open to all business inquiries (e.g., regarding taxation, VAT, accounting, debt collection, (social) insurance, IT services). Should it be outside our competence, we will provide you with referrals to trusted partners in our network.

2. Contract Conclusion and Payment

Accepting your non-binding offer is simple - just reply to our email. We will then provide you with a signature-ready contract. You can sign it either on paper or digitally.

Upon receipt of the signed contract (via email as a scan or photo), we will promptly check all the details and return you all the necessary documents, such as the countersigned exemplar of the contract and the first invoice.

We don't ask for a setup fee or deposit, only for timely payment of quarterly invoices. For more extended billing periods (e.g., one year, upon request), we provide discounts of up to 10%.

3. Setup

Upon conclusion of the contract, we promptly get everything up and running.

Our Welcome Kit contains all the necessary guidelines, instructions, forms, and a collection of useful Zug/Zurich and general Swiss business resources.

4. All Done

Congratulations on your wise choice of the Business Hub of Switzerland and Bosshard & Cie Trust Office!

We remain at your disposal should you require any further assistance.

Zug - Excellent Choice

We offer a domicile address with included daily post forwarding in Zug 6300 for CHF 100.- per month.

Coat of arms of the canton of Zug Zug, the canton of Switzerland, is a magnet for Swiss and international businesses. Located in the heart of Europe and the economic center of Switzerland, it offers an attractive tax situation and a business-friendly environment. It is simply a great place to be!

Worldwide leading business location

The Canton of Zug tops the cantonal rankings list by some distance both in the Credit Suisse Location Quality Indicator and the UBS Cantonal Competitiveness Indicator. It won the top spot in the Financial Times’s report on Europe's investment destinations as the European City of the Future 2022/23 (micro-cities category).

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Tax advantages of Zug

Zug is the leader in the lowest overall tax burden and long-term financial stability not only in Switzerland but also at the global level. The current corporate income tax rate is 11.80%, the best in Switzerland. The Channel Islands and a few countries in (South-)Eastern Europe are the only locations offering lower ordinary corporate tax rates.

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Zürich - Business Capital

We offer a domicile address with included daily post forwarding in Zürich 8001 for CHF 100.- per month.

Coat of arms of the canton of Zürich Zürich accounts for the largest economic performance and added value in Switzerland. The economic region surrounding the world-famous city of Zürich employs around 1.5 million in 150,000 companies in industries such as life sciences, cleantech, high-tech, ICT, (re-)insurance, and financial services.

Heart of Europe

There are numerous good reasons why Zürich can be recommended as a business location. The highest quality of life, balanced mix of businesses with a multitude of innovative companies, attractive tax climate, availability of qualified staff, and excellent links to international transport systems are some of those.

You clearly benefit from Zürich's central location in Europe. It has ideal mobility connections by air, road, or rail. From Zürich Airport, you can fly directly to ca. 190 destinations in 70+ countries.

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Innovation Hub

Zürich is the leading center of research and knowledge. Renowned research institutions (ETH Zürich - Nr. 1 in the continental Europe - and the University of Zürich) and startup clusters (Technopark Zürich, Innovationspark Zürich-Dübendorf, Bio-Technopark Zürich-Schlieren) help to put ground-breaking fundamental research directly into practice. Furthermore, Switzerland is a member of nearly all important international conventions, so your intellectual property is protected worldwide.

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